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Miraculous Medal Bracelet
Miraculous Medal Bracelet

Miraculous Medal Bracelet

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The many sides of the miraculous medal Bracelet- Silver Plated. 

Our lady will help lighten our darkness for she brought forth him who is ‘the light of the world’ 

Why wear the ‘Miraculous Medal’

There are claims that it has special powers. When the nun, Catherine Labouré, had her vision of the Virgin Mary, she reported that Mary told her to create these medals because: - 

‘All who wear them will receive great graces’ 

This belief is one of the leading reasons many people choose to wear the miraculous medal.

Bringing comfort through infertility, IVF & trying to conceive. 

NB - ‘Plated’ jewellery is classed as ‘dress ’ therefore please avoid contact with water, lotions and sprays. Your piece of jewellery will be thoroughly polished, however to preserve the appearance, clean with a smooth dry cloth.